Tuesday, 5 April 2011

The Church Garden

I sat looking out from an ordinary concrete flat into the morning light. The spring birds are busy while a cool breeze stirs gently. There's an array of vegetation; trees of various kind, grass, creeping plants, shrubs with small flowers speckling the mass of green. In the middle ground a dying tree stands, next to it a flourishing birch; elegant and tall.

Church and Christian community should be like this. A garden of acts of faith. A garden of dreams and visions. Some flourish, others may die - only to be taken over by the stronger areas of growth - or simply decaying to become nutrients for the propagation of new life. All in all the scene is a delight. It is seen in it's entirety and appreciated for it's variation both in shape and in stage of life and vitality. Who makes them grow? Who allows them to die? And, what would you rather be part of - the concrete structure; uniform and enclosed, or the living creation; vibrant, unpredictable and teaming with life?

Don't be precious about 'your' dreams!